Start Here!

Where have we been, where are we going?

Welcome to our blog about our travels, some far and wide, some local. We write mostly about the cultural aspects of the places we visit including something about the architecture and landscape from a visual arts perspective. We encourage mindful travel, which to us means “understanding as well as looking” at something. We like cities more than country, museums, cathedrals, wine ……. but maybe not in that order. We hope you like what you see and will encourage us by commenting on posts and maybe following us too. Our upcoming travels are in France, Budapest, Cambodia, Myanmar.

18 thoughts on “Start Here!

  1. I am inspired by your blog. It seems that you have maintained your curiosity throughout life and your partnership. Beautiful! I plan to visit Portugal soon. Any ideas for “Must not miss” sites?
    I look forward to following your adventures.

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    1. Thank you Ali, inspiration is a rare commodity at times and we are pleased to spread a little around. Portugal is not somewhere we have visited in any depth, only two fleeting days in Lisbon. But Spain, France …… that’s different!


        1. La Sagrada Familia is THE Gaudi masterpiece. We are architecture fans so would naturally pick this, but Gaudi designs are everywhere including a park he designed.

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  2. Hi. I hope you two are enjoying your travels.
    I’ve added your blog to the list of my “Blogs I Like” blogroll. Please see this link -
    Scroll all the way down, to the right.

    Have fun 🙂


    1. A good question Andrew! But first we spent a week in Budapest last year in April and loved it. Then moved on to Prague and hated it ….. we don’t do stag and hen parties at our time of life! In both cities we stayed at the Buddhabar Hotel, quite stunning and tells you something of our current lifestyle. (But we do know what it’s like to live in sh1t for weeks on end half way up Everest!) Planned Budapest trip is for Christmas. Your next trips?


      1. Nice hotel but I still recommend the Gellert Spa!
        It seems that you and I agree about Budapest/Prague!
        Next for us is Ireland in July and Portugal in September. In between I will travel to Yarmouth with a pal to a caravan and with my daughter and grandchildren to France in August. In October we will take a holiday in Malta!

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        1. No. World wide travel sounds exciting but there is so much to see in Europe that we are happy to stay close to home. Just last week we were in Valencia in Spain where there was so much to see and do!

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        2. Agree about Europe, you’ve got us interested in Poland certainly. I guess because my wife is Nepali we’re oscillating between World and Europe. But, we are actually running out of ideas!


        3. Spain is a favourite destination. We’ve stayed in Madrid, Barcelona, Estepona, Alfaix, Segovia, Cartagena, Marbella, and visited many other places including islands like Lanzarote and Majorca


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