It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in England, until …..

I woke up at around 6am, the sun was shining, a little morning mist from the Thames, the birds were singing. Perfect, gardening, a country walk, a roast lunch, a bottle of Burgundy …. And probably an afternoon nap, quite acceptable at my age. Switch on the kettle, warm the pot, and ……… then it all went wrong because I decided to browse the news networks to see what’s going on. Big mistake if one is trying to maintain a modicum of being “at one with the world and oneself!”.

There’s a photo of a young Swedish girl who was torn apart in the terrorist attack underpinned by a Swedish politician saying how tolerance must overcome hate! Then I find that the Andrew Marr show on BBC this morning is joined by Alex Salmond the anti English racist MP from Scotland, and that LORD Mandelson has advised the EU to completely ignore Britain in the post Brexit world in terms of trade etc, and that Tony Bliar, Shylock Branson, and Gina Millar are teaming up to scheme for the actual overthrowing of the Brexit referendum and triggering of Article 50.  To quote a former king of England “will no one rid me of these meddlesome shits” or something like that wth apologies to St Thomas Becket.

 But, there is still nothing like England on a sunny Spring morning to make one value what we have, to be tolerant of others, to feel and be caring towards others, to be law abiding and democratic in nature. So, three hours later, sitting in the garden after a two hour walk around the fields and farmland ….. All is well! Until tomorrow’s news from the lying, biased, Anti BBC. And Buddha preserve me from more candles, flowers and night time vigils! My dad didn’t fight his way out of Dunkirk with an effing candle!


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  1. Lovely pictures and i am glad that your day improved. Have to agree with you about Salmond, let them go I say, I don’t understand why we made such a fuss about them leaving in the first place.

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