#RichardBranson 21st Century Shylock



For a few weeks now I have slowly simmered over the antics of Gina Miller, Tony Bliar, Tim Farron, Gob Geldof, The BBC, The Guardian, and The House of Lords and …… Richard Branson. Their pathetic attempts to undermine a democratically chosen decision smacks of delusion, arrogance, and possibly a psychological disorder. Working alone, their hot air is meaningless, but they have this capacity to influence others, the gullible and the fascisti, the snowflakes and the cultural marxists who are jumping on a bandwagon so bent, so misshapen, so old fashioned and behind the times that I genuinely fear for their wellbeing! Bedlam awaits, in more ways than one.

But today, the final bloody indignity from that barsteward Branson, an email from his bank, Virgin Money, telling me they have cut their savings rate to a miserly 0.25%. Now I know many of you Remoaners aren’t too good at sums, so let me explain: this means for every £100 I loan to Mr Pickle for a year he gives me 25p interest. Or for every ten grand I loan him to use for loans to others, he gives me £25 a year. 


But what is Mr Pickle making from my money? Well a typical mortgage rate is around 4%, so if he loans someone MY £100 he gets given £4 interest per year and very generously gives me 25p. Now, this is the man, the people’s champion, the Remoaners champion who says staying in the EU is a good thing and our vote should be overturned. The man is an absolute Shylock, protecting himself and to hell with the rest of us. Well Mr Shylock, you might be making almost 20x the profit compared to myself for MY money, but not for much longer as I withdraw my savings and trust that the triggering of Article 50 means you piss off for good to your Caribbean island and never darken these English shores again.


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