Are you positive about your Country?

Is that too difficult? Because if being positive about the UK is too difficult for you then this is not the place you should be!

My own posts in recent weeks have bordered on the “manically depressive” and it’s time I posted the positive stuff about our great country instead of regularly blasting the mealy mouthed cultural marxist shrieking feminists who ……. Oops!

You are welcome to post something positive or give positive examples, but negativity will not be tolerated and in fact will be deleted and the writer blocked. Resistance is futile! To kick off here are a few examples in general taken from the Project Cheer booklet published by Brexit Central. Hopefully they’re positive about my using their stuff!

World Trade Organisation is positive about Britain and dismisses any fears about seizure or loss of trade in leaving the European Union.



Here are a few  people who voted Remain and have moved on from their “grief” about Brexit and are wholeheartedly positive about the direction of our country. They have become Acceptors just like I wrote about last week. 



The list of companies backing Britain with investment, expansion, employment,  new offices and products or factories grows daily. This is a sample of recent backers of Britain.



And finally an authoritative view on our economy  



There now, that wasn’t too painful for you was it? Please pass this on to the BBC who seem to revel in a special kind of fake news these days that OMITS anything positive about our country at all!


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  1. I have always been positive about this country and hopefully will always remain so. Something drastic would have to happen to change my mind and i don’t​ count Brexit as it.
    I am proud at how far this country has come in becoming such a wonderful melting pot. We have our pockets of troubles but these are far outweighed by what i think is one of the most open tolerant accepting societies in the world. I don’t believe the main factor in people’s minds for the leave vote was immigration or racism. We have learnt a lot since our Empire days and we do carry on learning.
    I did not vote to leave the EU however i don’t see it as a major cricis that we are leaving and i think the public are sick of the back biting and scaremongering and want to see the job got on with.
    I have no doubt that this could work very well for the country.
    We are an Island, (technically not with the tunnel i know), and we built our country from working and trading as an Island. The considerations of trade are very much different to the considerations if you are an EU country bordered by other EU countries so i believe that in some respects it was never going to work fully for this country anyway. We now have to take a different path and fully trade as an Island again so that our country grows in a different way – a more self sufficient way as we used to. And that doesn’t mean for one minute that we have to stop growing as the wonderful tolerant melting pot that we are. The only ones who are stopping that are the ones full of ignorance and hate.

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    • Thank you for your most considered reply Mel. I actually believe that the majority of Brits feel as you and I do, but there is a minority of people who talk us down as a nation, try to undermine democratic decisions, often attempt to rewrite history, and publish or portray fake news. Some of the examples in my post did not appear on the BBC or were buried, yet they will headline Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon, Gina Millar, Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, Tim Farron, plus any EU bureaucrat who opens his/her mouth. Unfortunately many of these people are extremely wealthy and have a disproportionate amount of air time. As you know my wife is an immigrant and is proud to be a British citizen, yet is aghast at the level of negativity and attempts to undermine often described as part of democracy. I had to explain over and over the role of the House of Lords and the stance they were taking, and in the end I didn’t even believe myself! 😂😂😂


  2. National pride is something that’s a given for 2nd/3rd world countries. Even if the place is a shithole, the people are still proud. Only successful 1st world nations are shamed for their patriotism.

    There is a great fear that a country like Britain will regain its national pride. Because if it does, it bodes poorly for those who make money on its demise.

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    • The first step and catalyst for that resurgence in pride was Obama coming over here as a thinly veiled plot to subvert our referendum by saying “Britain goes to the back of a queue for trade deals if you leave the EU”. Though buried by the BBC, the outrage at his politically motivated comment during a referendum/election was enormous; we are a quiet and mild mannered race, but it awakened us and contributed to the exact opposite of what he thought he’d achieve. Dumbass!!

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  3. While I won’t claim to know much about the situation, I will say this about Britain. Your country has the innate ability to spring back from any adversity (like WWII). Doubtlessly, it will again, even if it’ll take time to do so. It’s an important part of the European economy. I’m sure its prospects aren’t as bleak as BBC would have us believe.

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    • Thank you Pradita, your positive words are a rare ray of sunshine. It is truly disgusting that the BBC influence your thinking about us with the extreme negative garbage they write. It also shows the shocking influence they have around the world, and …… it is the British taxpayer that funds them. The outrage that is happening about them now is getting louder, we are sick of them!

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      • Well you have am easy way out of it… Stop watching or tuning in on them. That wouldn’t do much good but at least it won’t cause you as much heartache. Political problems in every country. We have this great Demonetization fiasco going on in our country that has ripped us into two factions, and though things are a little tough, they’re slowly working out. It always happens, unless of course there’s something like civil war. That a different story.

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