Brexit: Stand up to the EU bullies!

IMG_1177The unbridled hypocrisy and laughable attempts at bullying from the EU in recent days should by now be converting even the most steadfast of Remainers. First they tell us there can be no discussion or negotiation of any kind until Article 50 is triggered, then immediately notify us that we will have to continue paying them £billions in compensation even after we leave. Next they tell us that top of the agenda is this compensation PLUS the rights of EU citizens living or working in the U.K. And only yesterday they inform us that if we trigger Article 50 in March then the negotiations can begin …. immediately in late June! You really couldn’t make this up as they threaten, pontificate, bluster, and now stall. Undoubtedly they’ll be popping the champagne corks today as Wilders didn’t get a higher number of seats in the Netherlands elections. 

So here is another message for all as we take these bureaucrats head on, remember it, quote it as they try and do their worst to us:

We were lied to! (Cargill55 on Disqus.)

If the British people had been told in 1975 that we would be entering what would turn into a German controlled superstate , that our democracy would be destroyed, that we’d lose our national sovereignty, that we’d be governed by a de facto German regime, that we would be flooded by millions of EU economic refugees from a collapsing EU, that our security would be threatened by the hatred of nation states shown by Germany and the EU who told millions from North Africa and the Middle East, come to the EU, then we’d have voted to leave.

We were lied to.

The honesty we need is for the europhiles and the MSM , especially the BBC, to admit that the true objective of the EU is to create a totalitarian superstate, with no democratic mandate, and for the 28 nations of Europe to be replaced with regional clones carrying out the instruction of the centre.

Then we will see that the lies they peddle about supposed economic benefits of EU membership are a smokescreen to hide the true objective. Europe has tried totalitarianism, fascism and communism several times in the last hundred years as a corrupt elite tries to thieve the freedom of hundreds of millions of people and these attempts have failed.

 The totalitarian EU will be defeated too.”


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