A Brexit message to the cultural marxists

Now that the UK government is in a clear position to finally trigger Article 50 having overcome the shoddy attempts by the House of Lords to delay, derail, undermine, cause mischief, etc., I would like to post something I read a few days back on the Spectator magazine forum written by “Cargill55” as his Disqus username. I asked his permission to use this and I genuinely acknowledge his unique message:



I come with a message for all the seething lefties who cannot seem to grasp how democracy works. I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you. We, as Brexiteers, are forever in your debt. Your belligerent, self-righteous mentality surrounding the EU referendum helped win it for us. Your complete failure to engage with people who happened to profess a different opinion, constantly shutting them down and calling them names, led to your ideology being rejected in the most brutal fashion. I am truly grateful that you were there to help us win this battle.

I was worried, that in the aftermath of the vote, you would take some time to reflect on your defeat, ponder and evaluate your electoral strategy, and perhaps even question your political beliefs. I am pleased to see, however, that this has not been the case, and you remain as staunch as ever and with your whining arrogance remain steadfast in your conviction of demonising those who have not been converted to your cause. It is reassuring to know that we Brexiteers can always rely on you to win us votes. Thank you. Truly, sincerely, honestly. Thank you.”


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