Brexit: Remainers crawl into five groups

Now we are on the verge of triggering Article 50 to leave the EU lets stand back and take a look at those who have moaned, groaned, whinged, cried, tantrummed, protested, tweeted, and even gone to the High Court in an attempt to get their own way. The Brexit Remainers are divided but slowly realising they are fighting a losing battle. Those who stood together during the referendum campaign last summer have fragmented into five groups which look like the five stages of grief. Not all are at the same stage but they ARE splintering!
The first stage is DENIAL: public figures like A.C. Grayling, a philosopher and the bug-eyed Tim Farron the Libdem leader, who simply seek to stop Brexit in its tracks.
The second is ANGER: Tony Blair, Richard Branson and others who accept the referendum result but want to stop Brexit by changing opinions.
The third is BARGAINING: those Remainers who, like many of those who spoke up this week in House of Lords debates, accept that it will happen but want to moderate it or at least placate their Remainer supporters by grumbling. You’ll hear them in the pub trying to assert we should give rights to EU citizens in the UK but before UK citizens in Europe are protected.
The fourth category corresponds to DEPRESSION: that segment of political opinion sure that Brexit will be “potentially catastrophic” but convinced that little can be done. Most often these are the snowflakes who bleat about their holidays costing more and walk around with a hangdog expression.
The fifth is ACCEPTANCE: the stage attained most comprehensively by Mrs May, who opposed Brexit but is now enacting it on behalf of our country.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I saw a write up like this a few days back and have adapted it but have lost the original to acknowledge. Apologies.
But, I was inspired to post this following a hilarious article from a fellow blogger here Major Styles, The George Soros Collection. Well worth a read

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