Where are the “righteous women protesters?”

Today was International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate …….
I got a variety of SMS and Social Media messages across the day reminding me of this special day. I was excited to find out what was happening across the world, so I tuned in to that most progressive of news channels the BBC, plus CNN, Fox, Sky ….
I was desperate to see global protests against female suppression in Asia and Middle East Muslim countries, protests about female genital mutilation on religious grounds, female trafficking, female slavery in Rotherham UK, about the rape of hundreds in Cologne that was suppressed in the news …. about women who are forced to dress in a certain way, about young girls who are not allowed to attend school …..
Bizarre! I couldn’t find anything about these global issues. Where are the Western Virtue Signallers when you need them? Sipping their cocktails and tuning in to Twitter and Facebook probably … me me me me me!!!

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  1. It’s funny, but in Latin America is basically an extension of Valentine’s Day. I asked my wife what it meant and she said, “A day for flowers, roses, etc. for your wife.” That’s been the sentiment as well for most of the social media down here.

    It’s in the West, specifically, that the day has the “let’s march around and protest” thing attached to it. On some level, it appears to be a cry for attention from single women who feel betrayed by the results of Western feminism.

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  2. More likely you’ll see feminists, each donning a headscarf, to protest against the patriarchy; or maybe today is slutwalking day. It wouldn’t surprise me if the screaming harpies of FEMEN were to decide to go topless and headscarved to protest against … well whatever.

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