Be careful what you say ….. you’re being judged!

img_1624Did you know that there is a psychological test being used that purports to determine whether you are biased about race, gender, age, or disability based on what you believe intellectually? The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a word association tool that has been introduced into the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC in Canada) for identifying such biases amongst its senior executives. One is shown a list of words and asked to associate black/white and pleasant/unpleasant with each one before the choices made are then rated for likely racist behaviour for example!
The validity and reliability of the IAT are in question and the best results for reliability I could find are only 0.6 which is shockingly low. And yet this test is being used as a predictor or racist behaviour yet there seems to be no correlation between test result and actual behaviour.
You can read a non-technical article about this in The National Post in an article by Barbara Kay  and form your own judgement about the use of such a misleading test, as well as the intrusion into the lives of these CBC executives being judged in this way.

However as I read the article I started to see another misleading and downright nasty movement relating to associating “words” (as in the IAT) with a prediction of future behaviour or stereotyping. Here are some examples from the UK where millions of people recently voted to LEAVE the EU and are being judged based on words and views:

I believe we need to control immigration” Equals RACIST!


I believe we need to implement our existing laws and deport illegal immigrants” Equals FACIST


What Donald Trump said about a particular woman in the past is as nothing compared to the female suppression, female slavery, and female genital mutilation going on around the world and all these feminist protesters would be more worthy if they took to the streets on these major issues” Equals MISOGYNIST

These are all real world examples with judgements being expressed by people who are more fascist-totalitarian than those they attack. Just like the IAT it is associating words with a meaning that goes way beyond face value but suits their agenda of liberal cultural marxism. This makes for VERY dangerous times with roughly 48% of our population constantly judging the other 52% with a thoroughly misguided set of standards based on non-existent associations between words and supposed behaviours.

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  1. As you pointed out it is misleading and disturbing.

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