Brexit Article 50 to be triggered March 15th


According to The Telegraph, the Prime Minister is set to trigger our withdrawal from the European Union on 15th March, two weeks ahead of her self-imposed deadline.

It’s been 9 months since we voted to leave the EU, people have become increasingly frustrated with the likes of Gina Miller and Tony Blair doing everything they can to block Brexit.

Lord Tebbit, who has a Danish son-in-law living in the UK and a son who has lived and worked in Germany, said: “It seems to me that the first duty of this Parliament of the United Kingdom is to care for the interests of the citizens of this kingdom. If we are to be concerned about anybody’s rights after Brexit, to live anywhere on this continent of Europe, it should be our concern for the rights of British people to live freely and peacefully in those other parts. Somehow or other today we seem to be thinking of nothing but the rights of foreigners.


The former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson, who lives in France, said it was “quite clear” there is “no danger whatever to EU citizens in the UK” and said it was “wholly deplorable” that the amendment had been tabled.

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