Tony Blair, is there no limit to the evil of this man?


Tony Blair is to announce his “mission” to persuade Britons to “rise up” and change their minds on Brexit.

BBC News here

The former prime minister will say in a speech later that people voted in the referendum “without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit” and that they should rise up against it.
Does this man have no limit to the sheer evil he brings down on our country, that his language and terminology would have most people in court for incitement to overthrow a people’s vote and parliament?

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  1. Is Tony Blair really going to make any substantial impact on this? I tend to doubt it. Two things stick out for me here. The first thing is that the electorate does not like being told in an “I know better than you” tone how to vote or what to campaign against/for. This became evident recently when employers sent out emails/letters to their employees telling them to vote against Brexit. Voting is one of the only times the general public feel they have an active say in the running of their country. From a psychological point of view it is giving them an important and rare feeling of the country being theirs, of living in a relatively free and democratic place and of having some control over it. Take that away from them and you are going down very dangerous ground.

    The second thing is that how we vote has very much changed. When I was a student many years ago I studied psychology, sociology, philosophy, social policy and law. At that time the issues of how we vote mainly came under the remit of sociology. The studies were very much based on issues of class, socialisation, demographics etc and there was a lot in that.
    Today the how we vote dilemma now mainly comes under political psychology. Today we are voting a lot more with our emotions and the image and immediate perception we have of a politician are becoming their makers or breakers.. This is where I believe Mr Blair really comes unstuck. The man must be a little delusional if he thinks he still has the same charisma as he had when he first came into power. His image is now forever tainted because of the Iraqi war. Our minds forget the positive information very quickly but negative information tends to stick. I can only think he is living in a glass house!

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    • He is having an impact by sowing the seeds of doubt in many people’s minds especially because he is joined and backed by the likes of Richard Branson from Virgin. Alone he would have no impact but the doom mongers, professional crystal ball gazers, luvvie celebrities and idiots like Lords Hezeltine and Haine are slowing things down and causing a massive distraction. Any predictions on today’s House of Lords vote over the residency amendment?


      • Well I certainly think the amendment to guarantee the rights of EU Nationals will passed by The house of Lords. These are human beings not pieces of a chess game.
        Where is the thought process in all of this? Obviously there has to be a solution but panic mode has set. I think the peers are absolutely right – there has not been enough time given for for debate and this needs to be sent back to the Commons.

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        • How do we protect the rights of British citizens in Europe? Can you imagine the sh1t that would fall on our government if we agreed NOW for EU citizens to stay then after A50 the EU start putting conditions on reciprocity. Why didn’t the Commissioners agree this when PM asked for it in November? Because they intend to sh1t on us at every turn.


        • Understandably EU citizens in this country are getting stressed, upset and panicked at what is going on and vice versa. The government is making a big deal of saying they can negotiate this and make sure citizens of both sides are protected. I do wonder though if this is political pr at work because at the end of the day aren’t the rights of citizens on both sides actually protected by the Vienna Convention of 1969 as long as life has been started in the chosen country before Brexit?

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        • Mel, read today’s post about the House of Lords amendment vote. Our PM tried to get a simple agreement with the EU via Angela Merkel that protected both sets of citizens, and was point blank refused. Any stress felt by EU citizens in the U.K. or our citizens in Europe is caused by the Commissioners in Brussels. It was ever thus and people need to face up to the reality of who and where the bad guys are. The PM has clearly stated in the strategy document that protecting both sets of citizens is top priority. What more do people want ……. except maybe those devious shits in Brussels making it the SAME priority for them too.


        • Completely agree Brian. They are the ones causing the stress and anxiety for people and they are going to try and make life very difficult on every single thing. But what I cannot understand is why noone is mentioning the Vienna Convention of 1969? I was expecting JS to ask his interviewee this evening “are citizens not protected anyway by the Vienna Convention of 1969?” But nothing. No televised news I have seen yet has mentioned it. Either I have got it very wrong or it just isn’t scare mongery enough!

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        • These snowflake journalists never ask the right questions; they have a personal agenda. I think you are now experiencing the complete entanglement of the EU with its own laws, conventions, treaties, and courts. Try pasting this


  2. One shouldn’t underestimate that there is still a hardcore of Blairite Globalists in this country, including many within the government whose ‘support’ for Brexit is based upon career advancement (ie they are scared to defy the party whip). But as Iain Martin has pointed out in a few tweets, Blair’s intervention will almost certainly have a negative effect on what remains of the ‘Remain’ campaign.

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    • I certainly agree with Iain Martin’s view and in that vein it should have the same effect as Obama’s words last year before the referendum. I sat listening to Blair as he made his announcement and felt my blood pressure rising. The fact that at one point he actually got a round of applause from the journalists I found sickening. None of them had the guts (before I switched off) to challenge his hypocrisy and condescension towards us, bloody sycophants all of them.

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