I would like to apologise……..


This is a special edition of something that DID appear on the ABBC website today (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38948369) that, coupled with the ABBC News on TV basically states that pensioners are literally sucking the life out of those who work and the young. Therefore, as a fully retired pensioner of 70 ….. I would like to apologise … for …..

  1. Going to university and building a successful career that paid well.
  2. Leaving school when I was 16, leaving home when I was 19 to find work.
  3. Moving around Scotland and England to find work to care for my family, my whole life.
  4. Paying NI contributions for 43 years.
  5. Paying into a personal pension fund
  6. Believing what my parents told me that unless I started saving for retirement when I was VERY young I would retire in poverty.
  7. Surviving an inflation rate of 18% and a mortgage rate of 12%+ in 1980s
  8. Paying off my mortgage from savings when I was 60
  9. Realising that the ABBC headline and idiotic reporter on TV wrongly talk about Income instead of Disposable Income, I also apologise for knowing the difference.
  10. Finally, I apologise for living too long and being in a position to tell the ABBC what a group of whinging piss artists they are. Sort your facts out, and get that crystal ball out you constantly use to spread doom and gloom about Brexit, turn the brightness up and predict the glorious economic boom that will surely come again, as it always does.

6 thoughts on “I would like to apologise……..

  1. The latest BS from the MSM (in this case the Torygraph) is that post-Brexit, immigration restrictions will mean fewer taxpayers and hence that the state pension age will need to be deferred. Completely omitted is the number of people who are economically inactive, some by choice, but a lot more frozen out of the jobs market for not having the correct ‘diversity’ credentials; and because some unscrupulous employers, such as Mike Ashley and *Sir* Stuart Rose prefer hiring immigrants as they are easier to exploit with low wages and unpaid overtime.

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    1. This is exactly why non MSM outlets, such as Wesmonster and Breitbart need to be supported. This is also another example of massaging the facts to fit the desired message.


      1. True to a certain degree, but I think that Breitbart does the same, ie massaging the facts to fit the desired message, for its ‘Alt-Right’ target audience. The above with reference to the pension age should have said ‘raised’ rather than ‘deferred’ but hopefully that was implicit in the context.

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        1. Also to a certain degree but Breitbart report on things NOT shown in MSM. I usually follow the links they give to reports or articles in European press in Austria, Italy, Hungary etc. It’s a slow process with Google Translate though!!


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