Not The 9 O’Clock News #3

Not News

More stories not found on the ABBC yesterday that seem relevant to us here in the U.K. Click the title to read the full story.

Big brands fund terror
A report in The Times today shows that some big global brands are funding terror groups through adverts on their websites. Includes Waitrose, Mercedes-Benz and Marie Curie. Makes a mockery of the likes of Facebook blocking links to the Daily Express and Wikipedia doing the same to the Daily Mail doesn’t it!


No migration effect on housing shortage?
Outrage from license-fee payers after the Anti British Broadcasting Corporation (ABBC) ignore the effect of migration on housing shortages in its special programme on housing in the U.K. Bloody scandalous!


Belgian Terror Threat Analysis
Increased terror threat across Belgium is being caused by the increasing influence of Salafist ideology backed by Saudi Arabia and Gulf States. Report by the OCAD the government body responsible for conducting threat analysis. Clearly of no interest to people in the U.K.!

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