Not The 9 O’Clock News! #2

Not NewsMore significant news from reliable sources that you will NOT find on the BBC today. Just click the titles for the article or report.

EU Finance Crisis
The EU faces a looming crisis which could threaten the sustainability of the eurozone as the International Monetary Fund has warned Greece’s debts are on an “explosive” path despite years of attempted austerity and economic reforms. IMF warning here


Austria Border Protection via Military Alliance
Austria’s Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) has said he wants to forge a new military alliance and strengthen cooperation with countries along the so-called “Balkan route” to prevent migrants and refugees crossing Austria’s border illegally. Austrian report here


The Maastricht Treaty
It is exactly 25 years since John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty without a referendum on the issue taken to the British people. Ironic that our leaving the EU is being debated in the Commons with no reference to this act of infamy anywhere in the media except here

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  1. Thanks for linking my blog post. I’m sure that there was something in yesterday morning’s Telegraph online premium section (which I don’t subscribe to) about the 25th anniversary. I can’t find any reference to it now. A quick google shows that the Yorkshire Post had an article about it yesterday.

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