Not the 9 O’Clock News! #1

Take a peek at three very important new items you will NOT find today on the BBC, time to ask them why not!

Top of The World, Britain to outpace G7 for next three decades according to Price Waterhouse Coopers. Full survey report here. Top of The World


Poland has initiated a movement for EU countries FRIENDLY to the UK to negotiate the Brexit terms. Warsaw will make a pact against EU states that threaten to punish Britain over Brexit. Full report here Poland Pact 


What do Europeans think about Muslim immigration? It would seem that an average of 55% of Europeans want a complete ban, with some countries including France, Belgium, Poland, Austria and Hungary registering 60%+. Full Chatham House survey 

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  1. Ironic that the regressive left sees English colonialism as evil, yet migrant colonialism (er, I mean immigration) as positive.

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    • Yes, they’re the same regarding slavery in the 19th Century but blind to the trafficking, rape and slavery of young white women by Muslim gangs for years in some UK towns. Rotherham was the worst example but it happened in a Manchester and Oxford too.

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      • Very true.

        I think we are seeing a new brand of conservatism, one that realizes the important of cultural tradition. Thatcher and Reagan, as great as they were, did not fully realize the important of the culture war (from my perspective at least).

        What good is fighting for free in Afghanistan if you’re homeland is becoming unliveable?

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        • I think Thatcher did because many of the economic changes she made were revolutionary in a cultural sense. For example she created the financial policies and the opportunity for people to buy property they were renting from local councils (government). She created tax free savings vehicles which got many poorer people to save money for retirement. Both of these changed the lives of many working class people. But she was stabbed in the back by her own party which led to the government of Tony Blair. He was the one who opened our country to mass migration into many of our inner cities which became electoral strongholds for his party, the Labour Party. But we have now seen through this and wider Labour Party support is collapsing and they are likely to be wiped out at our next general election in 2020 or sooner.


  2. No mention either that it is 25 years to the day since John Major signed the Treaty of European Union, having refused to allow a referendum beforehand.

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