It’s Just Not Cricket as UK Supreme Court Ignore The Will of The People

img_1068Sitting in the stands at Edgebaston Cricket Ground on 24th June 2016 was a wonderful experience in many ways. An enthusiastic, colourful and noisy crowd, Englands opening batsmen knocking off the required runs each making centuries, an England win, and the fact that the whole day was a birthday treat from my daughter.
But it was also a day when the people of the UK had spoken to LEAVE the EU in a Referendum held the previous day. The result was unexpected, a shock to the pollsters, a shock to the “elites”, a shock to the Prime Minister who quickly resigned. He resigned before honouring his promise to trigger Article 50 if a LEAVE vote resulted, and he resigned in the face of the people’s DECISION! He did NOT resign in the face of the people’s ADVICE.
The previous day we had walked to the polling station to cast our vote, a vote that we believed was to TELL our government to remain or to leave the EU. We did not go to advise the government, we went to TELL them, and so did everyone else whether you voted remain or leave. None of the remain voters went along thinking “my job is to advise the government today, though I know my vote isn’t binding and that if we vote to remain it must first be discussed then ratified by a subsequent vote in parliament”. DID THEY?
Since that day in 2016 a small but noisy, rich, powerful and elitist undemocratic subversives have used every avenue to prevent the UK leaving the EU based on the referendum result. Here’s a few:
Tony Blair who has set up an organisation with his ill gotten millions to undermine the government on the Brexit negotiations.
Tim Fallon who is directing his entire LibDem party to vote to overthrow the result in parliament whatever the circumstances.
Gina Miller (investment manager) and hairdresser Deir Tozetti Dos Santos who spent £millions in taking our government through the courts to try to get parliament in control of Article 50 instead of government.
Richard Branson who is funding the Blair group to overturn the referendum.
Nicola Sturgeon who sees an opportunity to break up the Union because Scotland voted remain.

And now the Supreme Court have decided that an act of parliament is required before Article 50 can be triggered by a majority of 8-3, though they also ruled that the devolved parliaments of Scotland N Ireland and Wales need not be consulted. So on the one hand the judgement reinforces democracy, BUT it opens the door for this undemocratic group of elitists to repeat this process even after parliament approves in order to delay, undermine, subvert the Brexit terms.

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