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DeleteThere is plenty of advice available to new bloggers about content and followers. Most of the “followers advice” is based on the concepts of engagement and relationships, but it’s time to say ….. bollocks, sod it, get lost!
Articles abound telling you to sign up for lots of blogs, to write meaningful comments, and they will follow you back with comments too. Bollocks!
For quite some time we have run an Instagram account with very high quality photos. Within a month we had almost 500 followers, but ….. only about 200 were truly engaged. What the hell were we doing, were we trying to get 000’s of followers who like-like-like? Or did we want to find like-minded Instagrammers who were good photographers and who wanted to share, discuss, engage? So, we deleted 350 followers and now have a private account of folks who are real enthusiasts.
The same principle applies to our Blog. We seem to have attracted lots of followers who comment once on our blog, seem happy to take our regular comments and discussion on THEIR blogs …… but that’s it! Bollocks!
So, advice to new bloggers needs to include the line: beware of blood suckers! Give them a week, no comment=no follow + delete.

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  1. Beware that you can end up with ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ from troll accounts, the former WordPress will allow you to remove, the latter it won’t. Though I don’t see what is wrong with following a blog and just reading it from time-to-time without necessarily commenting, it could depend on what the subject matter is. What I do think is that you shouldn’t feel constrained by wondering whether ‘followers’ won’t like anything you post. I found this with my first WordPress blog where I had about seventy followers, some of whom had opposing views on certain subjects. As it is I like to think that people may read what I have written sometime in the future; and I have started adding pages rather than blog posts just to get certain subjects out of my system and which I don’t really want to specifically tag.

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