Local:Another Winter Walk

Rain, mud, mist, can you blame nature for taking a nap? No leaves, flowers, insects, butterflies, ……… But take a walk in the woods and it’s amazing what you can see if you look closely enough and walk slowly enough. Here’s a few things that caught my eye yesterday:


10 thoughts on “Local:Another Winter Walk

    1. I’m a very simple photographer, I use a compact camera which is a Panasonic LUMIX TZ70. These cameras have so many functions they are fantastic but you need to really read the manual to understand everything. You also have pre function settings you can programme, so I have set C1 to zoomable macro, square 1:1 image for Instagram. Then all I have to do if I see a small object on a walk, flick the dial to C1 and shoot! What do you use?

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      1. Thanks.I call myself an enthusiastic photographer as I like to take pics of what I like without bothering about the camera settings.So my pics are taken mostly with my iphone and an old Canon 650D.

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