Travel: Ryanair and common sense a non sequitur!

Common sense

You couldn’t make this up! Last November we had to cancel our first travel plans of 2017, a fortnight of sun on the island of Lanzarote due to poor Dr C needing a knee replacement. Quick action led to no cost cancellation of accommodation, airport parking, car hire but common sense ended at this point with Ryanair telling us that they had no refund policy or cancellation policy. The no refund policy is well known but covered by our travel insurance, but what the hell does a no cancellation policy mean?

Simply put, you cannot cancel or advise Ryanair of not taking a flight in advance, just don’t turn up! Then 24 hours after the flight leaves you apply for a “No Show” letter to use with any insurance claim. So, we wait till January 9th one day after flight to Lanzarote not taken, wait in a queue for ages before requesting the relevant letter. It arrives 24 hours later and states ” …… did not use the outbound portion of their flight but did use the return portion”. Anybody spot the problem? Yes, how can they state on the 10th that we flew back from a place we hadn’t travelled to 12 days into the future?

Their response? We have to wait until 23rd January and apply for another no-show letter therefore holding up the insurance claim further. I’ve just about lost the will to live with these people so travel plans now being mooted to explore our own island during 2017 and the Ryanair’s of this world can bog off to the imploding EU!

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  1. Isles of Scilly ???!

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