Local: The Corinium Mosaics


Corinium Museum

Corinium Dobunnorum was the Romano-British settlement at Cirencester just a short drive of a few miles from our home. Its 2nd-century walls enclosed the 2nd-largest city in Roman Britain. It was the tribal capital of the Dobunii and is usually thought to have been the capital of one of the five British provinces, Britannia Prima (Britannia I) now the South West of England.By the mid-70s CE, the military had abandoned the fort and over the next twenty years, a street grid was laid out and the town was furnished with an array of large public stone buildings, two market places, and numerous shops and private houses. The forum and basilica were bigger than any other in Britain, apart from Londinium, and over the past 100 years or so archaeological excavations have revealed many artefacts from the Roman period which are exhibited in the town museum.

The Corinium has a collection of 2nd- and 4th-century Roman mosaic floors and carvings, as well as many other Roman objects, but it is the mosaics that most visitors come to see. The photos below show two of the best known large mosaics on display, The Orpheus Mosaic from the 4th Century found at Barton Farm outside the town, and The Hunting Dogs Mosaic dating from the 2nd Century and found in 1849.

We became members of the museum a while ago enabling us to drop in for short visits during shopping days in the town and view the exhibits of our local history going back almost 2000 years.  Do visit this museum if you visit the area and if you live locally ….. why not join?

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